Welcome to our FAQs. Here you will find frequently asked questions for getting a new website designed and put online.


How do I get a website?

In order to have a website designed by BrainScanMedia.com, Inc., we will need all of your information including contact, address, domain name if you already have one, etc. We will then create an internal customer account for you with your own customer number and any websites or updates will be referred to your customer number. From there we will discuss over the phone or through email on what you are looking to do with your website, or how you plan to make your website work for your business or goals.

Who will design my website or project?

Once your order has been processed, your project will be created and maintained by Thomas J. Allen who is the owner and web developer of BrainScanMedia.com, Inc.

Thomas will be your direct go to guy for all your solutions needs.

Do you build WordPress sites?

No, all websites we make are built in pure PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQLite, and Bootstrap (CSS/Mobile Library) technology.

Our Admin Portal (CMS / Content Management System) is also built in-house by us. We build our own plug-ins based on customer requirements, and they are only offered with our CMS. Our CMS is locked down to prevent any 3rd party add-ons to prevent any security breach.

The reason we do not offer our customers such website structures as WordPress is due to the vast security issues with these free systems. We believe if your going to purchase a website, you should have a real website designed and coded from the ground up. We do not believe in offering our customers cookie cutter websites.

WordPress is the most popular CMS out there and there is a reason for it, it's easy, and its free! WordPress now powers approximately 74,652,825+ websites. This makes it susceptible to attacks and data breaches. Very recently, millions of websites were hit by an attack that resulted in alteration and removal of website content. This was due to security flaws in WordPress and/or plug-ins, which some are offered with hidden back doors to your WordPress system.

For beginners, WordPress is the perfect platform for blog's or small websites. However, as projects grow beyond the initial phases, many users start to realize that working with WordPress could be difficult without certain skills. Essentially, you have to be a PHP developer (or hire one) to edit or alter various functional and cosmetic elements of the platform. Aside from the work of several top of the line developers and agencies, the majority of the themes and plug-ins for WordPress has substandard code. The result is frequent functional issues that result in website downtime. Another very frightening issue is the intentional and unintentional security problems that stem directly from faulty themes and plug-ins.

All in all, you will see in the news weekly and monthly reports of major WordPress driven sites being hacked and taken down. So with this in mind, we will never offer such sites to our customers, with us you will get a real designed website coded from the ground up.

Some Articles on These Hacks

The List goes on and on...

Do you follow W3C Validation?

We've been asked many times, do we follow W3C "standards?" To a certain point... Sometimes, Reasons Below...

About W3C: "W3C develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C develops these technical specifications and guidelines through a process designed to maximize consensus about the content of a technical report, to ensure high technical and editorial quality, and to earn endorsement by W3C and the broader community."

As I write this Faq entry, I'm very concerned on the direction of the W3C folks who dictate what is considered "standard" coding practices when formatting websites. Remember the validation standards from W3C is only a validation through them alone, not the folks who write the code libraries and browser rendering libraries, or how its developed to be used.

Recently, a client of mine who runs a huge successful online retail website noticed some recent issues with validation when he ran a test. Code that we had working fine with no errors all of a sudden showed this:

W3C now claims, using a simple <style> tag inside your websites body is now bad! In reality its not...

What style is used for: The <style> element is used to add CSS style rules to an HTML document. The element is expected to appear in the document <head>, but will also render acceptably when used in the <body> of the document. (Reference)

So W3C is declaring basic functions that those who created the <style> usage to be used in HEAD and BODY are now considered errors for using the code as it is supposed to be used. Many Multi million dollar companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, ect. do not even follow any of the W3C "standards" that W3C dictates as good coding. Reason? Because there are certain functionalities required to make websites work a certain way, even if W3C does not like it. When trying to render certain code to their "standards" will render your code functionality broken! Some code was designed to work in such a manner, wither W3C likes it or not.

Does having W3C Errors on your site mean your site is bad an not functional? No! It means one organizations term "standards" do not like how you coded your website. Will this make your website rankings poor? Not at all... See the list below.

Here is some of the most successful websites on the net that W3C claims are bad:

Hmmm... So if the sites above are bad! Why are they so successful? So it's ok to ignore W3C "standards" if you like, its not a requirement. W3C is an organization to try and help developers keep a standard format when coding, but its not a requirement, only a suggestion. It is also not a helpful "standard" specially when removing valid coding practices that they do not like.

W3C Professionalism is Questionable!

When I first seen these errors I tried contacting W3C about how ridiculous this exclusion was. Their response to me?


They are not even up for discussion! This is what makes their "standards" questionable. If they are a consortium of people, why do they delete legit questions?

So from this point on, BrainScanMedia.com, Inc. is taking the same approach as the sites listed above. I will always do a W3C scan but to a certain point. Their actions and professional communication ethics as shown above makes them a non-factor when designing websites. You can follow their "standards" if you like, but its not a requirement in the real world. Anyone telling you otherwise should check the list above.

What is the development time frame?

The development of full websites usually takes us about 1 week (3 weeks maximum if site is advanced) depending on how fast the client works with the web developer as he designs the site or the complexity of the sites functionality. This means giving us feedback on the site direction, giving us any and all content for the site and photos of products and etc.

Do I need a contract with you?

Any order in range of $500 and above will require a Project User Agreement to be signed by both parties. The agreement is a basic agreement to state that a 50% deposit will be required before any development work begins, and when the project is complete that the remaining payment will be met. We also state on the user agreement that once the work has been paid for and the project is complete that the client will have full ownership of the website and/or products and BrainScanMedia.com, Inc. will have no ownership of any developed works. Excluding any licensed software and plugins, which will be licensed to the owner of the site. The agreement also list the items you have ordered with the full project cost assessment. This agreement protects us and the customers investment.

All recurring customers who require additional services, updates, etc. will not be required to have any additional contracts when services are needed. The initial agreement will be used on all additional services rendered in the future.

Can I see the website while you build it?

Absolutely! We setup your website on our development servers, so while we build your website you get to see it. This way if you want something changed or edited you can let us know while we develop it. If also ordering the Administration Portal software from us you will also have access to this to update your own content, products, and photos while we work on the front end of the website. When we design your website we work together to get the website just the way you want it. Once the site is to your 100% satisfaction and remaining payment has been met, we will upload your website to your hosting account and from that point on your website will be live.

Will you host my website when complete?

Absolutely! We offer great web hosting packages at very low prices. Our basic package would run you $5/Mo with a free shared SSL Cert "The little secured lock you see on your browser while ordering letting your customers know they are in a secured page". The SSL Cert never expires and is available with your account free, which saves you about $60/Yr if you bought one yourself. All accounts are hosted on our secured Linux based servers. Your email accounts will be setup with Zoho which allows you as a company to have a full control over users and account options. This will not only allow you to manage your own email accounts for your company, but you can share documents, and company calendars with other employees, chat with your team, etc. Each email account you create will give you 15GB of storage per email account.

To see the web packages click here!

I already have a website and just need updates done?

This is not a problem, we currently update many clients websites that need to either change web designers, or they do their own sites and require us to update content, graphics, and add more technical functions to their existing website. All we will need from you to do this is your FTP username & password with instruction on what you need updated.

How will you bill me?

If you have an order ranging from $100 and up, then you will be billed 50% of the total cost of the project upfront before the development of that project is started. After which you will be billed the remaining when the project is complete. If the order is below $100, we will do the update for you and then just invoice you for the update services provided.

We send out all invoices through Square and the invoice has a Pay Now link to submit your payment online.

What if I need updates later on?

After your project or updates are complete and you need updates later on, just give us a call or shoot us an email letting us know what you need done and we will do the updates for you. As usual you will then receive an invoice for the updated services when the services are rendered.

Do you setup merchant accounts?

Yes! We are a reseller for a few merchant processing companies. We offer quality merchant accounts based on your budget. As your reseller, you may contact us anytime if you need help setting it up, linking it to your website, or if there is a technical glitch with your account that you may need help with. We also can provide you with our own in-house designed "Advanced Cart" shopping cart software that is certified by these companies we resell for. This means that our cart has been tested by their security and technical teams to make sure the shopping cart meets their requirements in order to be certified and be associated with them to push their services to our customers. We have many options available for you if you want to accept credit cards on your website. If you rather have just a make a payment page like ours we can set that up as well for you instead of a full shopping cart.

Can you help me with my domain name registration or transfer?

Yes, We will help you with your transfer or registration if we will be hosting your website. If you already have a hosting company they will need to assist you with it, as we only offer assistance to customers we host or will be hosting.

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